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If someone were to ask you to picture a “Used Car Salesman” the stereotypical image that most of us would picture is of a shiny suited, slick haird, gold jewellery wearing , gift-of-the-gab type fellow who is out to flog you a donkey of a car for a stupid price and no guarantee that it will get you home in one piece, go on, admit it, that’s the image you get isn’t it!

Buying a used car in Devon, or whatever part of the country you are from, is never an easy task,  it can be a long and bumpy road that promises hours of internet searching, weekends of trailing around car lots and the risk of meeting the aforementioned Mr Slick, not an appealing thought by anyone’s standards, and to be honest, who has time for all that these days?

At Vospers is a family run business with 65 years of experience, local knowledge and who/we pride ourselves/themselves on having one of the largest choices of used cars in the South West.

With currently over 1,000 used vehicles in stock throughout the group, all of which are fully guaranteed and come with a 3 month warranty as standard, with the option to purchase an extended warranty, plus of our/their used cars are handed over with the upmost care and attention, having all received a 65 point check, having been through a service, MOT’d and valeted.

With 16 dealer locations throughout Devon, you are never far from your local Vospers, so if you are looking to buy a used car in Devon make things easy on yourself and head to your nearest dealership to find the perfect used car for you that you can trust will get you home and keep on going for years to come and avoid meeting the dreaded “Used Car Salesman”.

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