Used Car 30 Day Exchange Policy.

Your Vospers Approved Used Car has been subject to a rigorous Multi Point Pre Sales check to give you the assurance that you are purchasing an unrivalled quality car however, we undertake that, should any mechanical or electrical defect occur within the first 30 days or 1000 miles of your ownership which cannot be rectified, and providing that the car is in the same condition as when purchased then your supplying Dealer, will exchange it for another of equivalent or greater value.

There are a number of terms and conditions that must be met in order for the exchange plan to be valid:

  1. The car must have been purchased under the Vospers Approved Used Car Programme.
  2. The “Dealer” means a Vospers Dealership
  3. The definition of “Customer” means any private individual who has purchased a Car from a Vospers Dealership.
  4. “Exchange Car” means the Car that has been supplied to you the Customer in exchange for the Car you originally bought.
  5. Subject to the following terms, any Vospers Approved Used Car purchased from a Vospers Dealership with Vospers Approved Used status that develops a mechanical or electrical fault within 30 days or 1000 miles (whichever is soonest) of the delivery date, may be exchanged for another Vospers Approved Used Car (the Replacement Car) from the original supplying Dealership, provided that:
    • The Vospers Approved Used Car has developed a fault (being a mechanical fault or defect in materials or workmanship on the car) and such fault is apparent to the Dealership (acting reasonably);
    • The Approved Used Car is returned to the supplying Dealership within 30 days of the delivery date;
    • The Dealership is satisfied that the Customer is a private buyer (and not a trade buyer or otherwise);
    • The Dealership is satisfied that the Vospers Approved Used Car is in the same condition, save for the presence of the fault and fair wear and tear, as at the time of delivery to the Customer;
    • The Dealership is satisfied that the Customer owns the Vospers Approved Used Car and is fully entitled to exchange it under this Exchange Plan.
  6. The Customer may choose any other Vospers Approved Used Car as the Replacement Car, provided that:
    • It is of an equal or higher price to the original invoice price of the Approved Used Car, and;
    • It is readily available from the same Dealership’s stock.
  7. Before any exchange is affected under this Exchange Plan, the Customer shall be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements relating to the financing arrangements for the purchase of the original Approved Used Car and the Replacement Car. Any exchange shall be subject to the Dealership being satisfied with such arrangements. Namely, if the original Vospers Approved Used Car is subject to a Hire Purchase Plan, a new Finance Plan for the replacement Car must be completed and the relevant deposits paid by the Customer.
  8. Where the Customer wishes to exchange a Vospers Approved Used Car for a Replacement Car with a higher price, the exchange will not take place until the Customer has paid the Dealership the price difference.
  9. The Customer will be solely responsible for additional costs incurred in the exchange for licensing or insurance. Any such costs must be paid for in full prior to completion of the exchange.
  10. This Exchange Plan only applies to the Vospers Approved Used Car as detailed above. Only one exchange will be considered and this Exchange Plan shall not apply to any Replacement Car.

This Exchange Plan does not affect any of the Customer’s statutory rights

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