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Ford Mustang


However you look at it, there’s no mistaking the Ford Mustang. With its lean and muscular lines, advanced technology and exhilarating performance, the Ford Mustang is more than just a sports car. It’s the heart and soul of Ford. From every angle, the new Mustang makes a powerful impression. At the front, you’ll find a wider, more aggressive mesh grille and a re-profiled bumper. New air extractor bonnet vents not only turn heads, but ensure the engine remains cool, even in the most demanding conditions. And no-one should fail to notice its eye-catching new LED headlights with instantly recognisable signature lighting.


What sets the new Mustang apart is the sheer pleasure of a shape that differs so much from the rest. From the shark-nose front with its lower, re-profiled bonnet to the sculpted rear shoulders, its cool, classic form is one of pure emotion.


Mustang is the first Ford to be equipped with front wheel aero curtains that help guide airflow across the front wheels. At the rear, the tapered bodywork channels air effectively from the back of the car to further reduce aerodynamic drag.


Taking inspiration from aircraft cockpit design, the new Mustang delivers a thrilling drive. Important controls are within easy reach with a digital instrument cluster that can be read at a glance, face-level centre air vents and aircraft-style toggle switches. The gearshift is perfectly placed with a short-throw between gears. And the leather-wrapped steering wheel feels just right in your hands.


The look may say new, but its soul is pure Mustang. Strong side lines with wide shoulders, a noticeable set of haunches and a raked roofline combine for a powerful muscle car look. New Mustang changes the way we see things. It’s a presence you just can’t ignore.


Now you can feel more confident than ever behind the wheel of the new Mustang. In addition to its powerful braking system – with six-piston Brembo front calipers on GT models – Mustang benefits from an expanded suite of safety and driver-assistance features.

Pre-Collision Assist

Scans the road ahead for moving objects and pedestrians, even at night, and is designed to warn you if a collision is likely. If you don’t react, it automatically starts braking to help slow you down. (Standard)

Distance Alert

Displays the distance to the vehicle in front and can alert you if you get too close. (Standard)

Lane-Keeping System

Designed to warn you if you accidentally drift out of lane on a multi-lane road, and can guide you back safely into the right lane. (Standard)

Driver Alert

Monitors your driving behaviour and can alert you if it detects signs of driver fatigue. (Standard)


Mustang has always been a unique sports car, and now the experience soars to a new high. The specially developed chassis with fully-independent suspension is designed to make this the most agile Mustang ever. Lateral stiffness has been increased at the rear and, along with new shock absorbers and stabiliser bars, has further enhanced its handling.

Limited slip differential

Mustang’s limited slip differential is ideally suited to rear-wheel drive sports cars. If one wheel starts to slip, engine torque is automatically transferred to the other wheel. This greatly improves traction and agility out of corners and on slippery surfaces. (Standard)

Selectable driving modes

Mustang also comes with electronic chassis calibration. Four driver-selectable modes – Normal, Sport, Track and Snow/Wet – determine throttle response, gearshift points (on automatic transmission models), steering effort and stability control calibration to suit different driving conditions. (Standard)


Mustang GT’s 6-speed manual transmission is now offered with rev-matching. This feature is designed to enhance the driving experience by matching the throttle position to the wheel speed for smooth gear changes, especially when down-shifting. Can be turned on/off in Track Apps. (Standard on GT with manual transmission)


Based on state-of-the-art technology, Mustang’s 2.3-litre Ford EcoBoost engine offers the perfect balance between dynamic performance and effortless efficiency. A high-capacity direct injection system precisely controls fuel delivery, while a twin-scroll turbocharger delivers a strong 290 PS – and instant throttle response.

2.3-litre Ford EcoBoost petrol engine

With its specially-designed 2.3-litre Ford EcoBoost engine, the Mustang is hungry for fun, not fuel. Part of the International Engine of the Year family, this powerful four-cylinder unit combines a low-inertia twin-scroll turbocharger, high-precision direct injection and Twin independent-Variable Cam Timing (Ti-VCT) to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions,while maximising dynamic performance.

5.0-litre V8 petrol engine

Performance of an epic scale is provided by our most powerful 5.0-litre V8 with 450 PS and muscular 527 Nm of torque. The numbers are impressive, but even they fail to convey the rich endless power delivery that results in such effortless flexibility. Or the engine’s distinctive throaty growl that provides the soundtrack to every drive.


The Ford Mustang lets you adapt your car’s dynamic performance to suit your driving style.

MagneRide® adaptive suspension

For the ultimate driving experience, the new Mustang is now available with MagneRide® adaptive suspension. The system monitors and adjusts itself thousands of times per second to deliver exceptional levels of stability, comfort and control. Four settings are available –Normal, Sport, Track and Drag – so you can tailor the handling to suit the road conditions and the style of driving. (Option)

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Designed to compensate for oversteer or understeer, ESC detects sudden changes in steering, braking and vehicle attitude, and adjusts the speed of individual wheels to help keep you on course. (Standard)


Mustang’s smart features make your experience even more special. Mustang projection lamps beam the iconic Mustang on the ground when you unlock the doors. Select reverse gear and the rear-view camera automatically displays the view from behind the car on the 8" TFT touchscreen. Pre-Collision Assist is designed to warn of a potential collision with a vehicle ahead and can apply the brakes if you fail to react. Adaptive Cruise Control is designed to maintain your desired distance from the vehicle in front. While the Premium B&O Sound System (option) delivers the optimum in-car audio experience.


Ford SYNC 3

Ford SYNC 3 is designed to integrate seamlessly with your compatible smartphone*, letting you control everything from calls and text messaging to music and satellite navigation (option) – all via the 8" touchscreen, or the simplest voice commands.


The SYNC 3 touchscreen supports multi-touch ‘swipe’ and ‘pinch-to-zoom’ gestures, and lets you arrange application icons and background displays, just as you would on your tablet or phone.

AppLink, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Control SYNC-compatible apps with AppLink, while Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you navigate your smartphone HMI through the SYNC home screen as if it were your handset.

Digital LCD instrument cluster

Mustang’s new all-digital cluster lets you customise exactly what you want to see while you’re on the road. Choose from three modes – Normal, Sport and Track – to personalise the information that’s displayed, right down to the colour of your gauges.

Mustang MyMode

Allows you to save your favourite drive settings, including suspension and steering preferences.

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