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Important Vospers Ford Transit Centre Announcement

As the largest supplier of commercial vehicles in South West of England through our Transit Centres in Exeter, Plymouth and Truro; Vospers feel a responsibility to the communities we serve to keep our branches operational for as long as possible through these challenging times.

Our Transit Centres supply and maintain the vehicles that keep the country working, including blue light services such as emergency vehicles, NHS vehicles, RNLI vehicles and many utility company vehicles including rescue and support services. Importantly, we also care for – and care about – the many small and medium businesses that form the fabric of our local economy.

Our service departments will remain open and we will constantly review staffing levels and opening hours to ensure that your vehicles spend the minimum amount of time off the road. We have increased our courtesy vehicle fleets and have recently invested in new facilities at all three locations.

Our sales departments are maintaining our competitive pricing and do not plan to revise any offers currently available. Although we are well stocked at present, with closed factories and closed borders the situation is unlikely to improve. All group stock can be delivered to your nearest branch.

These are difficult times for sure, and many of our staff have children or elderly relatives; so will have the same worries that you do. We expect to be busier and we expect to work harder, but we also understand that there are many key workers that will have tougher jobs than ours, we would like to pass on our appreciation to them.

Vospers Ford Transit Centres are proud to be the ‘Backbone of Business’ in Devon and Cornwall and are ready to play our role in keeping the region moving.

For further updates please visit the latest news section here.

Kind regards,
Steve Chilcott
Group Commercial Sales Manager