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New Renault MASTER

Practical, tough, and versatile


The Master Van has been specifically designed to adapt to the most demanding requirements. It is efficient with space, boasting load volumes of up to 17m3 and payloads of up to 2,122kg** (4.5T version).

Practicality at its core, with a range of factory conversions to fit your needs, including Tippers and Luton vans. Versatile Platform and Chassis Cab versions can be converted into a vast array of other products, from wheelchair access minibuses and refrigerated vans, to ambulances.

Your comfortable workspace

A Comfortable Cab

Optimal visibility, ergonomic control and adjustable driver's position. 

Pivoting Seatback Table

Located in the central front passenger seat (with clipboard holder).

(Standard on Business+)


The advantages of Twin Turbo

The diesel engine's low-end torque and high power ensure pleasurable driving. The engine always works to optimum efficiency, with immediate benefits in terms of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and your own efficiency.

Twin Turbo Technology

The ENERGY variants of the 2.3 Litre Master engine include twin turbo technology. This enables a diesel engine to combine torque at low speeds and high power with immediate benefit to driving pleasure.

It includes two sequential turbochargers:

The first low inertia turbo provides high torque from low speeds to give you greater responsiveness when getting under way from stationary. 

The second takes over at higher speeds, letting you call on more power without running out of steam, giving you smooth, steady, regular acceleration. With this system the engine is always operating in its optimal yield bracket, offering immediate benefits in terms of consumption, CO2 emissions and efficiency. 

dCi 110 and 130 engines

Do you do most of your driving around town? Choose one of the Turbo engines offered by our specialists. With a power of 110 hp, the dCi 110 engine delivers 285 Nm at 1,500 rpm. And with 130 hp, you get even more dynamic pick-up and torque of 310 Nm at 1,500 rpm.

ENERGY dCi 145, dCi 165 and dCi 170 Twin Turbo

Perfect for intensive use, long journeys and heavy loads, the ENERGY dCi 145, dCi 165 and dCi 170 Twin Turbo engines give you more power and torque and are more frugal. At 1,500 rpm, you get 340 Nm for the 145 hp engine. Your pick-up is sharp, your accelerations powerful and your comfort unbeatable. Combined with Stop & Start and regenerative braking, the Twin Turbo technology ensures that the Renault MASTER comes under the 40.4mpg threshold* with fuel consumption of just 40.9mpg**.