5 Reasons to fix your servicing costs - Wouldn't it be great to not worry about paying for your vehicle service costs?

Every day, more people are fixing their servicing costs more than ever before.

With a Vospers Service Assure Plan you spread the cost of servicing and MOT'ing your vehicle so that there are no large servicing bills. Even if your service falls near Christmas or your summer holiday, the costs are taken care of.


1. Available on new or not-so-new cars

The plan may be purchased at any time in the vehicles life.


2. Fixed prices for the life of the plan - and be immune to future price increases

The fixed cost, inflation proof prices provide added reassurance for the future and should you change your vehicle during the life of the plan, any outstanding monies are reimbursed*, or could be used towards a new plan, or the puirchase of a new vehicle from Vospers! Admin fee may apply.

All prices are interest free and is 100% safe.


3. Help retain your car's resale value

Having regular servicing can help the resale value of your car.


4. Tailored to you and your car

The monthly payment is calculated precisely to your car and your mileage.


5. Flexibility

Service Assure Plans can be purchased whether you buy from Vospers or privately. The Vospers Service Assure plan can be used at any Vospers branch throughout Devon and Cornwall.


Free Courtesy Car*, or collection and delivery

When you arrange your car's service you'll receive a Vospers Courtesy Car *Subject to insurance, or ask for the vehicle to be collected and delivered from a home or work address.


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Why we would like this

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