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Vospers Vauxhall AdBlue Offer

Sustainability just got easier!

Vauxhall AdBlue
Vauxhall AdBlue
Vauxhall AdBlue

Vauxhalls fitted with the BlueInjection system need AdBlue®

BlueInjection Technology

BlueInjection is the cutting-edge SCR diesel technology from Vauxhall that uses AdBlue® to further reduce the level of nitric oxide and work towards cleaner emissions.

What benefits the environment, benefits you

By owning a vehicle with BlueInjection technology you are helping to reduce harmful mono-nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions thus reducing your environmental footprint.


When to refill?

Cars fitted with the BlueInjection system need AdBlue® refills approximately 2,485 to 4,038 miles depending on the vehicle and engine as well as your driving style. But don't worry, an indicator in the dashboard will inform you when levels are running low.

How to refill?

Visit Vospers Vauxhall in Marsh Mills - Plymouth, and we will refill your car with AdBlue® for a fixed price!

Do you own a Vauxhall Van? We will refill your AdBlue® for a fixed price at our Plymouth - Valley Road Van Centre!