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Fiat Motability Offers

Fiat 500
ModelAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
FIAT 500
500 Pop 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid
500 Connect 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£1,985£0
500 DolceVita 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£0£0
500 DolceVita Plus 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£2,595£0
500 Sport 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£1,895£0
500 Hey Google 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£2,095£0
​500 RED 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid​£195​£0
Fiat 500C
ModelAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
500C Pop 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid
500C Connect 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid £2,795£0
500C Dolcevita 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£1,695£0
500C Sport 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£2,895£0
500C Hey Google 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£2,895£0
​500C RED 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid​£795​£0
Fiat 500e Ocean Green 2021
ModelAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
FIAT 500e
500e Action Electric 24kw 93hp (auto)
500e Icon Electric 42kw 118hp (auto)£295£0
500e La Prima Electric 42kw 118hp (auto)£1,495£0
​500e Convertible Icon Electric 42kw 118hp (auto)​£1,795​£0
​500e Convertible La Prima Electric 42kw 118hp (auto)​£2,695​£0
​500e RED Electric 24kw 93hp (auto)​£495​£0
​500e RED Electric 42kw 118hp (auto)​£995​£0
500e Convertible RED Electric 42kw 118hp (auto)£1,995£0
Fiat 500X Urban
ModelAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
500X Pop 1.0 120hp£2,345£0
500X Connect 1.0 120hp£2,295£0
500X Connect 1.3 150hp DCT (auto)£3,095£0
500X Cross 1.0 120hp£995£0
500X Cross 1.3 150hp DCT (auto)£2,245£0
500X Sport 1.0 120hp£1,145£0
500X Sport 1.3 150hp DCT (auto)£2,395£0
500X Hey Google 1.0 120hp£2,095£0
500X Hey Google 1.3 150hp DCT (auto)£2,695£0
​500X RED 1.0 120hp​£1,795​£0
​500 RED 1.3 150hp DCT (auto)​£2,295​£0
ModelAdvance PaymentWeekly Payment
Panda City Life 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£1,195£0
​Panda City Life 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid (5 Seat)​£1,195​£0
Panda City Life 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid (Style Pack)£1,495£0
Panda Sport 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£1,195£0
​Panda Sport 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid (55 Seat)​£795​£0
Panda Wild 0.9 85hp TwinAir 4x4£1,695£0
​Panda Wild 0.9 85hp TwinAir 4x4 (5 Seat)​£1,695​£0
​Panda Wild 0.9 85hp TwinAir 4x4 (Style Pack)​£1,495​£0
​Panda Cross 0.9 90hp TwinAir​£2,495​£0
Panda Cross 0.9 90hp TwinAir (Touchscreen)£2,495£0
Panda City Cross 1.0 70hp Mild Hybrid£995£0
Fiat Tipo Street

Model Advance Payment Weekly Payment
Tipo 1.0 100hp £2,845£0
Tipo Life 1.0 100hp £2,745£0
Tipo City Sport 1.0 100hp £2,695£0
Model Advance Payment Weekly Payment
Tipo SW 1.0 100hp £2,895 £0
Tipo SW Life 1.0 100hp £2,795 £0

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken in the preparation of catalogues, technical circulars, price lists and other literature, these are for general guidance only and the particulars therein shall not constitute representation by the Company and the Company shall not be bound hereby. Alterations to the information contained herein may have been made since the time of publication (Jan 2022). The price list cancels all previous issues. The prices shown in this price guide are those recommended by the manufacturer.

* Prices are based on DLA & PIP recipients, War Pensioner & AFIP Advance Payments available on request.

These offers are valid for orders placed from 1st January to 31st March 2022. Offers subject to change. Offer may be varied and withdrawn at any time.