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Vospers Peace of Mind Promise

All of our Used Vehicles come with Peace of Mind as standard!

Buy with confidence safe in the knowledge that all Vospers used vehicles come with Warranty & Roadside Assist included as standard.

All of our customers can buy their next used car, used van, or used pickup from any of our Vospers dealerships or with Vospers Buy Online safe in the knowledge that they are buying a quality used vehicle from one of the leading motor dealer groups in the South West. You're in safe hands with Vospers! Plus if you Buy Online you have 14-days to change your mind.

12-Month Warranty as Standard

DriverFirst Warranty

Vospers DriverFirst Warranty is designed to keep motorists on the road. Vospers are proud to offer a compressive 12-month warranty as standard with all Used vehicles which can be extended by a further 12 or 24 months.

Nobody looks forward to the unexpected and sudden costs of mechanical or electrical breakdown; in fact, when labour charges are added, even the simplest of problems could land you with a considerable bill. Vospers DriverFirst Warranty protects you against these unexpected costs and is designed to get you back on the road quickly should failure occur.

The award-winning cover provided by one of the UK’s leading Warranty suppliers is both robust and extensive; so that motorists can benefit from quality protection for their vehicle with confidence. The costs of parts, labour and repairs are included as well as the range of mechanical and electrical components.

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12-Month Roadside Assist as Standard

DriverFirst Roadside Assistance

You're never alone with Vospers DriverFirst Roadside Assist. Vospers are proud to offer a comprehensive 12-month roadside assistance as standard with all Used vehicles which can be extended by a further 12 or 24 months. We will be right there on the roadside if a breakdown occurs. Punctured tyre, accident, mechanical or electrical fault? Assistance is on the way!

We will also arrange for up to five passengers to be transported home, or to their original destination. Furthermore, if you break down at home or within a one-mile radius, our recovery operators are on hand to get you moving again. Rest assured, as a valued Vospers customer, you will be provided with a straight-forward, hassle free solution and total peace-of-mind motoring.

Vospers breakdown cover is there for vehicles following mechanical or electrical failure, tyre puncture or road traffic accident resulting in the vehicle breaking down. Choose Vospers means a straightforward approach to aftersales characterised by knowledge, expertise and efficiency.

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View Vospers Approved Warranty and Assist Booklet

Multi-Point Safety Check

Car service

All of our used vehicles undergo a rigorous multi-point check and are inspected and prepared by fully trained technicians.

Mechanical & Electrical

Comprehensive mechanical and electrical inspections are carried out by our qualified technicians utilising the latest diagnostic equipment to a detailed set of standards to ensure that you are guaranteed a hassle-free, 'Vospers Retail Approved' vehicle ensuring that it is functioning as it should.

Quality Control

To ensure the vehicle has no outstanding finance, stolen or even written off we carry out extensive vehicle background checks including the history and mileage prior to sale.


Our skilled technicians thoroughly inspect all of our cars for dents, corrosion and cracks across the bodywork, glass and wheels prior to sale. Any rectifications are made using the latest cosmetic repair equipment. Inside the car we'll check all seat upholstery, carpets, headlining and trims are checked and refurbished where required. Some of our cars may show more visible signs of wear and tear across the bodywork and wheels but we'll ensure these are in line with the age and mileage of the car.


We pride ourselves on presenting our used cars to a high standard. All vehicles are professionally valeted inside and out prior to sale.