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Vospers Gender Pay Gap Report

Vospers Motor House Ltd - 2024 Gender Pay Gap Report

The above table shows Vospers gender pay gap as at the snapshot date of 5th April 2023.

Employees on reduced pay due to sickness or maternity/paternity etc have been included in the bonus pay calculations, although are excluded from the calculations for average mean & median hourly rates and quartile calculations.

Vospers remain confident that men and women are paid equally when working in equivalent roles, and are committed to ensuring equality in pay throughout the organisation. In publishing our gender pay gap data, it should be noted that this legislation is distinct from equal pay, as it is not measuring the parity of roles of the same level.

Since our previous gender pay gap report in April 2023 (snapshot date 2022), Vospers have continued to be impacted by very competitive recruitment markets for technical workshop jobs, which pushed salaries up in these predominately male roles, although an across the board pay increase in January 2023 has resulted in a reducing percentage difference between male and female rates.

As such, whilst the gender pay gap data April 2023 continues to reflect the motor industry’s historical and current workforce being male dominated, at the snapshot date Vospers mean hourly rate percentage difference showed a positive reduction from 8.19%% to 7.91%, and our median values data, reduced from 3.9% to 0% suggesting a more realistic picture of our data due to outliers not influencing the overall spread of data.

At the 2023 snapshot date there has been a reduction in the percentage of both male and females in receipt of bonus payments, although positively for those receiving bonuses, the mean and median difference in value between males and females has reduced from 42.14% to 36.66% and 68.21% to 44.2% respectively.

Our snapshot data continues to demonstrate higher value bonuses for males which is as a result of the majority of our sales and service teams being male and receiving commissions or bonuses, and are therefore currently the higher earners in the company. With the difficulty in recruiting females into these roles, this is unlikely to change in the short term.

However, Vospers are continuing to focus on addressing the level of female employees in the motor industry across all roles, promoting from within to ensure a gender balance at all levels within the business, and encouraging female applications for our vacancies in an effort to increase our diversity in male dominated areas of the business, and this is an area that will require on-going focus.

In reviewing our quartile data, the lower two bands show the percentage of females decreased by 2% from 21%-19%, and males increasing by 2% from 79%-81% which is a positive move in supporting diversity in different roles.

The upper middle quartile also positively shows a 3% increase in females in this category, demonstrating a retention of the key skills females bring to the business in higher paid roles, whilst the top quartile remains relatively unchanged from 2022 data.

Wendy Horswell

HR Director

Metric 1: Mean Gender Pay Gap in Hourly Pay

GenderFull-Pay Relevant Employee Count
Female 105
Male 422

GenderMean Hourly Rate
Female 11.6427619
Male 12.64303318

Female MHR: 11.64

Male MHR: 12.64

Female MHR Difference: 1

Mean GPG Hourly Rate %: 7.91%

Metric 2: Median Gender Pay Gap in Hourly Pay

GenderMedian Hourly Pay
Female 10.96
Male 10.96

Female MedianHR: 10.96

Male MedianHR: 10.96

Female MedianHR Difference: 0

Median GPG Hourly Rate %: 0%

Metric 3: Proportion of Males and Females receiving a Bonus Payment

GenderNo EMP Receiving BonusRelevant Employee CountProportion % Receiving Bonus
Female 72 126 57.14%
Male 316 48165.70%

Metric 4: Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap

GenderMean Bonus Payment
Female 5,249.374583
Male 8,287.286487

Female Mean Bonus: 5,249.37

Male Mean Bonus: 8,287.29

Female Mean Bonus Difference: 3,037.91

Mean GPG Bonus %: 36.66%

Metric 5: Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap

GenderMedian Bonus Payment
Female 2,402.77
Male 4,306

Female Median Bonus: 2,402.77

Male Median Bonus: 4,306

Female Median Bonus Difference: 1,903.23

Median GPG bonus %: 44.2%

Metric 6: Proportion of Males and Females in Quartile

No. Employees No. Female No Male % Female % Male
Lower Quartile 148 27 121 18.24% 81.76%
Lower Middle Quartile 161 33 128 20.5% 79.5%
Upper Middle Quartile 146 45 101 30.82% 69.18%
Upper Quartile 126 12 114 9.52% 90.48%