Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020
Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020
Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020
Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020
Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020
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We’ve rethought the electric vehicle with your everyday needs in mind. Step inside a spacious and beautifully crafted interior. Experience unique Mazda handling and stability. Reach everywhere your daily life takes you – work, family, friends, fitness. The SUV alternative for people ahead of the times.

Put yourself miles ahead of the crowd with the all-new Mazda MX-30. Mazda’s attractive new all-electric vehicle helps you lead the way, with exceptional driving dynamics, a generous sense of interior space, and a range that efficiently adapts to your daily desire to move – in style.

Make a statement and lead the way with an all-electric vehicle that performs like you do. The all-new Mazda MX-30 is pioneering a whole new experience just for you – an all-electric vehicle with a human touch.

We’ve thought about every detail when it comes to the all-new Mazda MX-30. It includes Mode 2 (for charging via standard socket) and Mode 3 ( for charging via wall box) cable and features AC and DC for easy home or fast charging on the go. When charging your Mazda MX-30, you can get up to 80% charge within 30-40 minutes on a DC (50kW) charger. If you are charging on an AC wall box (22kW) the MX-30 will be fully recharged within 4.5 hours. Alternatively you can also charge with your standard plug socket. However to save time and ensure the safest charging method, you could install a home charge wall box. We recommend plugging your vehicle in while you’re getting a good night’s sleep so that it’s ready for your drive in the morning.


Mazda’s first all-electric vehicle is designed to be both contemporary and stylish, an evolution of Kodo: Soul of Motion which expresses Mazda’s human-centric approach by combining elegance with functionality. The open-feeling cabin is complimented with the freestyle doors, which open from the centre outwards letting the outside in.

Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020



The all-new Mazda MX-30 is equipped with a 35.5kWh battery, which is ideal for your daily driving needs and delivers a feeling of confidence that you can get to wherever you need to go. Its driving range is approximately 124 miles, while charging time is around 30 to 40 minutes up to 80% with a 50kW rapid charger, so you never have to worry about your urban commuting and other daily driving needs.

Mazda MX-30 Exterior 2020


These doors are designed so that they open from the centre outwards. Meaning passengers can open and close both the front and rear doors with ease and without changing position.


In addition to the 8.8-inch centre colour entertainment display which sits within the dashboard, Mazda have introduced a 7-inch colour touch-screen display positioned in front of the floating console. This device serves two functions; 1) An intuitive touch operated climate control screen 2) An interactive device where the welcome graphic changes depending on the date, time of day and outside temperature. Giving you a more personal welcome as you enter the vehicle.


A unique design, with well thought-out functionality. By designing the console based on human characteristics, Mazda have ensured that the centre console functionality helps the driver focus on the road ahead, is user friendly and delivers comfort. The gear shift lever and Multimedia Commander control have been placed towards the front of the console for optimum driver comfort and usability.

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