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Motability Affordability

Vospers Motability aims to make leasing a brand new car affordable. Once you have decided what sort of car would suit you best, you must identify which are within your budget.

Choose a car to suit your budget

At Vospers, there’s a wide selection of cars to choose from, suiting all needs and budgets. Use our Motability Offers Search to find out what's best for your budget.

Choose to pay a little extra

You can increase your choice of cars even further by topping up your allowance with an upfront payment, or what we call an ‘Advance Payment’. This covers the difference between your allowance and the total cost of the lease over the course of your agreement.

Keeping fuel costs down

Don’t forget that your lease includes everything, except fuel, to provide you with worry-free motoring, so you will need to take into account the car’s fuel costs. To keep the running costs down you may want to consider a more fuel efficient engine.

Other factors such as the physical size of the car, the type of driving you do and even having air conditioning can affect its fuel consumption.

Trade-in your old car

If you are new to Motability, you can trade-in your privately owned car to help finance the Advance Payment of your new car.