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Make the most of your electric car

Before your journey

Know your range

Battery range is how far an electric car can travel when fully charged, under optimum conditions. It can be affected by things like the number of passengers, driving style, weather and types of road or terrain.

Pre-condition your car

You can use an app to pre-condition the temperature of the car while it’s connected to your chargepoint at home, so it’s ready when you get in. This means you will not use the car's battery to get the temperature right.

Prepare for journeys

Plan your journeys ahead of time so you know where you can stop and charge your car. Zap-Map will show you 42,000 chargepoints across the UK.

If you cannot have a home chargepoint and you’re using the bp pulse network, their app will show you 9,000 chargepoints, including 3,000 rapid and ultra-fast. Some of these will give you better charging rates and some are free.

Find the best charging times

Smart charging is a safe and convenient way of charging an electric car when demand for electricity is lower, such as at night. Speak to your energy provider for more information.


During your journey

Driving style

When you brake or lift your foot off the accelerator in an electric car the friction is used to generate electricity, which is then put back into the battery. This is known as ‘regenerative braking'.

This feels different to driving a non-electric car and you’ll notice you stop shorter than you’re expecting when you lift off the accelerator.

If you understand how regenerative braking works and how to use it, this will help you get the most out of your electric car. If you use it wisely, it can noticeably help sustain the range of your car.

Check your tyres

Under-inflated tyres will increase the amount of energy your car uses. Kwik Fit will be happy to check your tyre pressure for you, to make sure you maximise your car’s battery range.