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Electric Vehicle Servicing There are many benefits to EV servicing, including…
Trained technicians
Our Manufacturer Approved technicians deliver precise diagnostics, expert repairs and thorough maintenance. Using specialised tools, they uphold manufacturer standards, preserve warranties and enhance vehicle performance and safety.
140-point inspection
Our 140-point vehicle inspections offer a thorough evaluation, identify potential issues, enhance safety, ensure reliability, maintain performance, and optimise resale value. In short, they provide you with greater peace of mind and confidence in your electrified vehicle.
Genuine parts
Our inventory of genuine parts is extensive, ensuring a perfect fit, optimal performance and durability. Moreover, our authentic components preserve your vehicle’s warranty, maintain safety standards, reduce the risk of future repairs, and enhance resale value.
Latest software updates
Every Vospers service includes the latest software updates. This means enhanced performance, improved battery management, increased range, greater security, fixed bugs, and the addition of new features, optimising the driving experience for your electric or hybrid car.
Looking for an Upgrade Want to sell your old car and trade it in for a 100% electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicle? Take advantage of our fair and transparent online valuation service today – and start to think about securing your new, electrified ride.