OMODA is coming to the UK and to Vospers, 2024

Vospers is thrilled to announce the pending arrival of a new brand to both the UK and to the Vospers family, OMODA.

Vospers is set to be one of fifty dealers across the UK chosen to represent this exciting, creative, and future focused brand, with a core focus of sustainability and technology.

The OMODA brand plans to utilise the latest technologies to advocate for the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as protecting the environment. Vospers supports the values of OMODA and looks forward to working with the brand on an exciting UK launch in March 2024, bringing OMODA to drivers across Devon & Cornwall.

OMODA is a new brand to the UK but has already launched in other countries around the world. Learn more about OMODA.

The UK debut vehicle is set to be the OMODA5.


Vospers are pleased to introduce the UK launch model from OMODA, the brand new OMODA5.

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