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Here at Vospers, we aim to create a more forward thinking approach to our environment, not just through the selling of electric and hybrid vehicles - but how we dispose of our waste, our buildings eco structure, encouraging staff to use MS teams rather than travel to meetings, etc. We understand that every step, small or large, is a step in the right direction to support our wonderful planet.   

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Vospers are working to create a more sustainably conscious business...



Our parts business creates large amounts of waste cardboard so Vospers invested in our own cardboard compactor. This facility has helped us reduce the amount of waste going into our general waste skip and now gets compacted into high quality cardboard bales that are sent to recycling plants for further processing reducing costs for the company. We in fact now benefit from baling our cardboard as we can hold 30 bales at a time which then get taken away free of charge with a payback of £27/tonne. The main cost saver is not having to remove the cardboard by a waste contractor and having extra containers on site just for cardboard.


Our general waste is collected by Devon Contract Waste who are committed to sending Zero Waste to Landfill. They collect all our general waste from each of our Vospers sites sites which is then taken to their Mechanical Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is separated into the different types of recyclable waste – plastic, paper, polythene etc. This is then sent for recycling. A great example is our plastic waste can be shredded and reformed then made into garden benches, picnic tables and storm boards!


We have a close working relationship with Slicker. A total waste management system and market leading specialists in the collection and recycling of waste oils and hazardous waste, with fully compliant disposal routes. Workshop oil is collected and reprocessed into a base oil product. This product is then used in the production of new carbon efficient lubricating oils, emitting 30% less C02 than alternative lubricating oils produced from crude oil!


​Vospers work with the Stone Group who offer a secure disposal of our end-of-life IT assets and have a Zero to Landfill Policy. The WEEE compliant recycling facility guarantees that the equipment they collect from us is recycled correctly which protects us from any breaches and financial penalties. They collect our equipment free of charge and either recycle, refurb or re-use the equipment. We also benefit from rebates on any qualifying equipment. They have collected 360 items from us since the February 2022 resulting in a rebate, which we used to purchase more equipment. 


Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

We are continually investing into all of our properties to make the business more sustainable. This includes the addition of solar panels at our site at Marsh Mills, Plymouth and a programme of investment for more solar panels on buildings that will benefit from PV.​

Paperless Transactions

Vospers have already in some departments introduced paperless transactions which has reduced our paper usage benefiting both waste removal and procurement supply C02 footprint

Energy Efficient Products

Vospers are replacing all the original lighting in all of our properties within the group with LED lighting. This provides a better working environment for our staff and reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Conscious Transport

With Vospers sites located from Treliske, Truro to Exeter (180-mile return journey), we encourage meetings over MS Teams to reduce vehicle travel use, this directly benefits our staff and allows them to be more conscious of their carbon footprint. Staff who are not needed to be on site, can hybrid work and we are also part of the cycle to work scheme - promoting cycle travel and providing facilities for cyclists at work.

We have also significantly invested in on-site electric vehicle charging points, with the first 300kW ultra-rapid charger at our main site in Plymouth with 225kW charger at Matford and a 150kW charger at Treliske. The speed of these chargers reduces the time on charge supporting EV vehicles that have been sold by the Vospers Group.