Peugeot Boxer

Discover the Peugeot Boxer van: spacious, economical and versatile vehicle that is easy to handle.

Equipped to provide a durable response to the needs of business users, the Peugeot Boxer van is like a comfortable office on the move.




The Peugeot Boxer van undergoes full and rigorous testing to always stay one step ahead of the needs of business users

New 2.0 BlueHDi engine equipped with the SCR catalyst, positioned upstream of the particulate filter and Stop & Start function, cutting emissions of both NOX and CO2, as well as reducing fuel consumption;

New opening mechanisms, to optimise service life;

A reinforced structure, for acoustic comfort and strength;

New front end design, for greater strength and improved perceived quality;

A renewed range of services.


The Peugeot Boxer van ranks among the most competitive vehicles in its class for running costs:

With its efficient HDi engines and Stop & Start technology, fuel consumption is among the lowest on the market (with savings of around 15% or 0.5 l/100 km in urban use);

No need to replace the belt, which has been replaced by a timing chain;

Longer engine servicing interval;

Tyre prices among the most competitive on the market, as a result of standardisation



With a load volume of up to 17m and the best load width in its class, the Peugeot Boxer van is able to adapt to a full range of business activities, with the largest range of GVW options in its class.​


The Peugeot Boxer range includes up to eight body styles, for each type of use and each activity :

Panel van, window or semi-window van, single or crew cab flatbed for carrying goods.

Floor cab, single or crew chassis cab and double-headed versions for conversions.

Combi vans and Minibuses for passenger transport, in 5, 9, 14 and 17 seater configurations, depending on the model selected.


​The Peugeot Boxer van boasts a range of safety functions and driving aids for an easier driving experience:​

Reversing camera

HADC technology for improved speed control when driving downhill

Low tyre pressure monitoring and LDWS

Automatic high beam and traffic sign recognition


The Peugeot Boxer includes a full range of features to turn the cab into an office on wheels:

  • Driver's seat with variable suspension based on weight and an armrest, fully adjustable
  • 5” inch touch screen
  • Bluetooth® connection and USB port
  • Desk panel, to keep important documents to hand and safely position smartphones and tablets
  • 13 storage compartments for a total of 73 litres


The braking system in the Peugeot Boxer van has been completely redesigned, resized and reinforced to improve both driving  comfort and efficiency. Equipped with four disc brakes as standard, the braking system on the Boxer van is durable and efficient. 

To improve your visibility, the Peugeot Boxer can be fitted with polycarbonate fog lamps integrated in the lower part of the bumper.

To protect vehicle occupants in the event of impact, the Peugeot Boxer van is equipped with several airbags: one driver airbag and one front passenger airbag; two side airbags; two curtain airbags.

Structural reinforcement of the Peugeot Boxer van:

  • A reinforced structure with a crumple zone at the front to  absorb energy released on impact
  • A rigid steel structure forming a cage to protect passengers, with reinforced front doors contributing to the overall  stiffness of the body
  • A front axle sized to transmit part of the energy under the body in the event of a head-on collision
  • Limited upward movement of the pedal assembly and steering column in order to protect the driver



The Peugeot Boxer van offers one of the widest choices of gross vehicle weights, based on two separate ranges:

  • The Light range: comprising four levels of payload: 328 (2.8 tonnes), 330 (3.0 tonnes), 333 (3.3 tonnes) and 335 (3.5 tonnes);
  • The Heavy range: 435 (3.5 tonnes).


The Peugeot Boxer van range comprises eight different body styles, depending on the length, height and version selected.

Load volume varies with each option, from 8 to 17 m³, placing the vehicle on a par with the best in class.

Wide access comes as standard on the Peugeot Boxer van , with rear door opening angles of between 96° and 270°, for easy loading and unloading.

Swing doors of up to 2.03m in height, with a best-in-class load width of 1,422mm.


To maximise load space, the Peugeot Boxer van features an optimised floor width between wheel arches of 1,422m, ranking among the best on the market.

The maximum width inside the vehicle is 1,870m.

To make life even easier, the load sill is among the lowest on the market, at between 493 and 602 mm. It may vary by 14 cm with the addition of the optional pneumatic self-levelling suspension.


HILL DESCENT CONTROL ill Descent Control technology works in tandem with the standard ESP and intelligent traction control. It lets the driver maintain a constant speed of below 18mph and keep the vehicle under control on a muddy or gravelly slope with a gradient of at least 8%, without touching the accelerator or brake.
REVERSING CAMERA For an even safer and more precise driving experience, the Peugeot Boxer van is available with a reversing camera. As you manœuvre the vehicle, this function transmits pictures of the area behind your Boxer to the touchscreen and guides you using a system of coloured lines. For greater safety, the screen lights up automatically when the rear doors are opened or when you put the vehicle into reverse.
TOUCHSCREEN The new 5" touchscreen is used primarily for the navigation system. The SMS text reading function and Connecting Box contribute to a relaxed driving experience.