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All-New Peugeot Partner Panel Van

Just born. Already a winner.

Put to the test for more than 20 years by business professionals, the latest generation all-new Peugeot Partner small van offers you outstanding quality and a level of driving pleasure and comfort never seen before in the van market.

All-New Peugeot Partner Panel Van


All-new Peugeot Partner was voted International Van Of The Year 2019 on Wednesday 19 September in Hanover, Germany. This prize rewards the Peugeot teams' commitment to a project that is at the heart of the brand's development strategy.

This prestigious trophy was awarded even before the launch of all-new Peugeot Partner later this year. All-new Peugeot Partner is the fifth Peugeot van voted Van Of The Year since the creation of the trophy in 1992.

All-new Peugeot Partner reinforces the ambition to Master the Impossible.

The "International Van Of The Year" * award was established in 1992. The jury is composed of a European panel of 25 journalists and independent magazine publishers specializing in light commercial vehicles (LCV).

Peugeot Partner


Right up with best in the sector, LONG versions with Multi-Flex seating boast a maximum load length of 3.44m. Even STANDARD versions can take 2 Euro pallets, and load volume goes up to 4.40m3 on LONG versions with Multi-Flex seating.

All-new Peugeot Partner is built on a variation of the EMP2 platform which underpins the brand’s latest models. This proven base enables shorter overhangs and a short turning radius for easier manoeuvring: the turning circle between pavements is therefore only 10.82m for STANDARD versions and 11.43m for LONG versions.

The payload is the best in the sector, going up to 1000kg for certain STANDARD versions.

Choose the Loading Pack combining enhanced LED lighting in the rear load area and an additional 4 mid-height load securing rings.

Instruction of use: the regulatory rip-resistant net must be used to prevent any risk of objects loaded through the long load hatch moving towards the driver.

Peugeot Partner


All-new Peugeot Partner is available with adjustable Multi-Flex seating. This equipment allows for a flat floor, giving an increased load volume of 0.6m3 and a load length at floor level of up to 3.09m in STANDARD versions and 3.44m in LONG versions, while still managing to transport 2 people, thanks to the retractable side passenger seat.

Tall loads can be transported by lifting and folding the side seat base into the seat back.

The storage compartment under the central seat can be locked using a padlock.

The multi-purpose storage areas are easily accessible and cleverly spread out in the cabin area: lower load compartment, boot tray, as well as an upper glove box. In the passenger dash area space for a Top Box lidded compartment has been freed up through the use of a “bag in roof” type airbag. It can store a 15” laptop and can even be refrigerated. A cable conduit also enables a laptop to be left on charge while stored in this compartment.

To safely fasten loads, 6 load securing rings are provided as standard. 4 more may be added at mid-height, as well as enhanced lighting comprising 6 LED lights, as part of the optional Loading Pack.

Accessibility may be maximised with twin sliding side doors (as an option). The rear hinged paneled doors (2/3 - 1/3) open to 180 degrees for easier loading.

Peugeot Partner Seats
Peugeot Partner Interior
Peugeot Partner
Peugeot Partner Inside Door
Peugeot Partner Interior


All-new Peugeot Partner has a robust front with a vertical grille and sculpted headlights. The proportions are perfectly balanced with a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waist line and reduced overhang.  

We’ve paid special attention to the acoustic comfort too, which is so essential to people who spend long hours on the road.

Peugeot Partner Exterior


The dashboard of all-new Peugeot Partner and its PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is the first thing that catches your eye.

Everything at your fingertips, so you can stay focused on the road, plus a compact steering wheel that gives you a dynamic, intuitive driving experience. The head-up display in the driver's field of vision lets you read the essential information while keeping your eyes on the road, for security and comfort. The 8'' capacitive colour touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard is angled towards the driver to offer quick access to key features: radio, navigation, vehicle settings, telephone, etc.

Peugeot Partner Cockpit


All-new Peugeot Partner can be equipped with the Multi-Flex modular folding bench seat. This equipment allows three people to sit in the front, so you can transport the team and tools: optimising your journey. The central floor area is larger thanks to the absence of a handbrake lever.

An integrated pivoting writing table in the folding central seat back acts as your mobile office and can be angled towards the passenger or the driver. The storage space under the central seat can be locked by padlock.

Designed to be multi-purpose, the storage spaces are easy to reach and cleverly located around the cabin: lower compartment, boot tray, overhead storage and even a lidded Top Box. This is located in front of the passenger in the airbag space, which has been freed up through the use of a "bag in roof" type airbag. If desired it can hold a 15” laptop or be refrigerated. A wire conduit means you can also charge your device while it’s inside the Top Box.

Peugeot Partner Seats
Peugeot Partner

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