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The Vauxhall Corsa Electric

Thanks to its pure-electric drivetrain, the Vauxhall Corsa electric is as kind to bank balances as it is to the environment. Not only is it affordable to run, it also delivers 222 miles on a single charge, ensuring you have plenty of range for your everyday needs. What’s more, with a rapid charger, the battery reaches 80 per cent from zero in just 30 minutes.

Driving Experience

Introducing New Corsa Electric. Delivering effortless acceleration, the 100% electric engine glides from 0-60-mph in just 7.6 seconds and achieves an instant 260Nm of torque. When driving in B-mode, the regenerative braking system returns most of the energy from braking back to the battery, helping to reserve your range.

There’s also a choice of driving modes. Increase the fun with Sport mode or switch to Eco mode and boost your range. And with no noise or tailpipe emissions, it’s a clean drive that’s better for the environment. Why not see for yourself.

Charging Choice

There’s different charging options with Corsa Electric to make life simple. You can charge it at home using a Home Wallbox, which achieves a full charge in just 7.5 hours. Good to know.

But how long will it take to charge using a domestic or rapid charging point? Visit our charging times calculator below where we help to answer this.


The Corsa electric comes well-equipped, with all models featuring LED High Beam Assist headlights and LED daytime running lights as standard. Inside, this five-seat supermini boasts plenty of standard-issue tech, such as a seven-inch touchscreen and six-speaker sound system with DAB radio, as well as climate control.


Manage Your Range

The 222 mile range will take you far. But there are various factors which will have an influence on your range such as your driving style, vehicle load, tyre pressure, thermal comfort and heating and exterior temperature. Adopting a gentler driving style, avoiding difficult road conditions and the use of climate control will help to maximise your range.

Cheaper Costs

Serious Savings

Switching to electric means lower running, operating and maintenance costs. For extra peace of mind, the Corsa Electric also comes with 8 years free battery warranty and roadside assistance.

Want to see the cost savings for yourself? Use our cost comparison tool which compares running and total cost of ownership costs of the Corsa Electric against its petrol and diesel equivalent engines.

Connected Services

E-remote Control

Start your journey off in comfort. Thanks to our connected services, you can pre-condition the Corsa Electric remotely via your smartphone to your perfect temperature before you drive off. Remote pre-conditioning takes energy from the source, rather than the battery, so it’s also a smart way to preserve your range.

You also have access to e-remote charging. This services allows you to stay in control of your vehicle, even from afar. When plugged into a charging point, you can start, stop or programme a charge for a time which suits you – allowing you to benefit from off peak charging tariffs.

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