Vospers Ford Pro™ Software

Ford Pro™ Software is a suite of software applications, unlocking data and real-time visibility on all your fleet vehicles. The software applications allow you to improve your fleet vehicles overall productivity based on actionable information on live vehicle health and telematics data.

Depending on the size and specific requirements of your fleet, various smartphone apps and software platforms – including Ford Telematics, Ford Telematics Essentials, and FordPass Pro– let you access a growing range of key productivity and vehicle uptime tools and subscriptions.

FordPass Pro​​

Look after up to five business vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly. So you can focus on the work. The app can pair with vehicles that have FordPass Connect, allowing you to access a range of tools that help improve vehicle health, security and productivity.

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Ford Pro Telematics

Vehicles play a vital role in the success of any operation and no two fleets are alike. Ford Telematics combines insights with the unrivalled knowledge of Ford vehicles, to create a powerful telematics and data derived solutions. Whether you need to increase vehicle uptime and productivity or reduce maintenance costs, Ford can deliver solutions so you can focus on managing your business.


Ford Telematics

Helping to manage your fleet more efficiently, Ford's manufacturer-grade telematics hardware and software have been engineered in conjunction with the Ford vehicles your fleet uses every day. Offering a range of productivity tools, alerts and vehicle insights, they work together seamlessly to deliver solutions that are easy to implement and can have an immediate positive impact on your operational effectiveness.

Ford Telematics Essentials

Ford Telematics Essentials can make a real difference to the productivity and performance of your team. This complementary tool is designed to provide a window into the data behind every commercial vehicle. Designed for fleets with more than 5 vehicles this intuitive interface shows the health status of you connected Ford vehicles and display live alerts. This management tool means you can plan more effectively, minimise downtime and extend the life your fleet.

New Electric Vehicle Insights​

​With Ford Pro telematics you have the tools to take care of your fleet of electric vehicles. Enhanced insights and alerts from Ford let you keep track of their charging status, running costs and locations. 

Always Stay Informed

The Ford Telematics Drive app is a solution to enable drivers to with a vehicle in your fleet. This complementary service allows drivers to provide information to fleet managers about the road worthiness of a vehicle by completing vehicle checklists and reporting an issue via the app.