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The app that every Ford owner needs. Amplify your Ford ownership experience.

To get the most out of your Ford, in the palm of your hand, download the FordPass app to your smart phone.

Find parking. Find fuel. Connect with a SYNC®Connect-enabled vehicle. You can even control your Ford remotely. All to help you get from A to B, better.

Download the FordPass app today

FordPass Product Overview

What is FordPass? Here is a comprehensive overview of all the features and functionality of your FordPass app.

Live Traffic

Feature Description:

  • Near real-time traffic updates for all roads, integrated into the vehicle’s embedded SYNC 3 Navigation system
  • Dynamic re-routing then adjusts your recommended route based on the traffic conditions to give you the best journey time possible

Customer Benefits:

  • Always provides the best route so you waste less time in traffic
  • Seamless integration – no mobile connection required
  • Free for 2 years, all data costs covered included

Map Updates Via Wi-Fi

Feature Description:

  • Map updates to vehicle embedded navigation maps and POI via home/business Wi-Fi network

Customer Benefits:

  • Local updates can be completed during a 30 minute journey
  • Maps chunked so local maps and language can be downloaded

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Feature Description:

  • Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices
  • Boosts 4GLTE performance by using the vehicle antenna (10dBi improved reception, circa 5 Mbps better throughput)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot available 15 metres outside the vehicle, even when the engine is switched off all customers receive a Free trial for 3 months or 3GB which ever expires first (customer can purchase additional data bundles from Vodafone post the free trial)

Customer Benefits:

  • Keeps the family entertained on journeys with a fast reliable data connection
  • Connect effortlessly to your car’s Wi-Fi, just like you would at home
  • Access Wi-Fi even when the trip has ended
  • Stay connected to one network across Europe, no interruptions when roaming
  • More efficient mobile working


Feature Description:

  • Will automatically dial emergency services after an accident, communicating vehicle location
  • Mandatory in the EU and some surrounding markets for all vehicles homologated from March 2018
  • Features an eCall modem even though fitment is not mandatory

Customer Benefits:

  • Potentially life-saving feature designed to reduce the time between a serious accident occurring and assistance being provided by the emergency services
  • Manual eCall button also fitted to support the vehicle occupants
  • Emergency Assistance is automatically contacted in event of a serious accident without the need to connect a mobile phone – effortless connectivity
  • Enables emergency call takers to infer whether the driver is conscious

Remote Features

Feature Description:

  • Uses the FordPass app on your smartphone to:
  • Remotely start your vehicle and climate control system (on vehicles with automatic transmission)
  • Remotely lock and unlock your vehicle

Customer Benefits:

  • Use your smartphone to remotely start your car, so it is defrosted and ready to go when you are
  • Save time (no longer waiting for screen to defrost etc.)
  • Remotely check that your vehicle is secure, and lock it remotely if necessary. Giving you peace of mind decreasing security risks
  • No need to hurry back to your vehicle, you can lock or unlock the doors from just about anywhere

Vehicle Locator

Feature Description:

  • Use the FordPass app on your smartphone to establish the location of your vehicle
  • The vehicle locator feature automatically saves the location of your parked vehicle when you turn off your vehicle

Customer Benefits:

  • Takes away the worry of parking in an unfamiliar place
  • Easier to find your vehicle in a large car park

Vehicle Health Alerts

Feature Description:

  • Use the FordPass app on your smartphone to receive Vehicle Health Alerts
  • Know what that warning light on your dashboard means and be empowered to take action
  • 150 different alerts currently covered, including:
  • Oil Life and when you need to schedule an oil change
  • When it’s time to check or change important fluids and filters
  • Engine or Suspension evaluation requiring the expertise of a Ford technician
  • Changing brake pads that are running thin and impacting the ability to safely stop the vehicle

Customer Benefits:

  • Your car will let you know when something needs attention: you will even be told the severity of the issue along with the steps to resolve it
  • Reduced risk of missing a service and invalidating the warranty
  • No need to look for your owner’s manual, FordPass will tell you about your warning lights
  • Always notice a blown tail light
  • Vehicle Status

Feature Description:

  • Use the FordPass app on your smartphone to establish the status of your vehicle;
  • Distance to Empty (Fuel level)
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Oil Level
  • Distance to Service - alerts the driver if the alarm is sounding

Customer Benefits:

  • Check if you have enough fuel to make your next planned journey without leaving the house
  • Check tyre pressures without leaving the house, keeping on top of safety


Multiple vehicles can be added to a FordPass account, and there is no limit to the number of FordPass accounts that can be linked to a vehicle. For families with more than one vehicle, this means each family member can interact with every car.

Live Traffic - Live Traffic access is complimentary for the first 2 years following the registration of a new Ford featuring SYNC 3 with navigation; thereafter a licence fee will be payable to Ford.

FordPass Connect - FordPass Connect is an optional extra. The on-board modem will be connected at the time of vehicle delivery. You may choose to opt in/opt out of certain data sharing. The technology will be made available in selected markets in 2018, with the remaining markets following through 2019. Complimentary for the first 2 years following the purchase of a new Ford featuring SYNC 3 with navigation; thereafter a licence fee will be payable to Ford.

Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Hotspot (up to 4G LTE) includes complimentary wireless data trial that begins at time of activation which will have to be done separately and expires at the end of 3 months or when 3GB of data is used, whichever comes first. Afterwards data bundles need to be purchased from Vodafone to continue using the Wi-Fi hotspot. All other FordPass Connect services will be covered via the licence fee payable to Ford after the 2 year free trial period.

FordPass Pro. In control and in the know.