New Ford Edge

Sturdy and tough yet stylish and graceful, the new Ford Edge is a family SUV with the heart of an adventurer. Well-equipped for all eventualities, it makes each journey comfortable, safe and convenient, whether you’re going shopping or taking the kids camping.


The Ford Edge cuts an imposing figure on the road. Its high ground clearance and chunky proportions leave you in no doubt of its adventurous attitude, with 19-inch alloy wheels and wide wheel arches hinting at its off-road prowess. This ruggedness is tempered by features such as a body-coloured rear spoiler and privacy glass, which add a touch of sophistication, while practical roof rails increase its load-carrying capacity. With a contemporary colour palette to choose from too, your Edge turns heads wherever it goes.


Space is essential when you’re heading out with the family, and the Ford Edge’s generous exterior dimensions translate into ample room for all. The high roofline means there’s plenty of headroom, while rear passengers can stretch out comfortably thanks to the extensive leg space. From a round of golf to a trip abroad, the boot can accommodate everything you need for each trip, and with a hands-free tailgate, loading up is easy, even with your hands full.

Even on the roughest terrain, the experience is refined in the Edge, with Active Noise Control silencing external noise and giving a sense of calm tranquillity. Plus, with dual-zone climate control, you’re always at the perfect temperature.


Whether you’re on-road or off, an SUV needs a powerful engine capable of hauling you, your family and your luggage. The new Ford Edge boasts an advanced 2.0-litre diesel engine that’s been expertly tuned to provide quiet, powerful performance and improved economy.

A range of features has been included to make the drive greener, such as the AdBlue selective catalytic reduction system that converts harmful NOx emissions into nitrogen and water. Auto Start-Stop, meanwhile, can cut fuel consumption by up to 10% around town and keeps CO2 emissions to a minimum.

Safety and technology

When your travels take you off-road, you want the very best support. Systems such as Adaptive Steering and Intelligent All-Wheel drive give you the utmost confidence and agility whatever the terrain, while Hill Start Assist prevents you rolling backwards when you need to pull away on an incline.

Around town, a set of measures helps you, your passengers and other road users stay safe. There’s Pre Collision Assist, which detects vehicles and pedestrians in your path and helps to prevent accidents, and Traction Control to maintain the best possible grip.

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Go hands-free with SYNC 3

Ford SYNC3 is the state-of-the-art system from Ford that enables you to be and stay connected to control your phone, music and navigation with natural voice commands, SYNC 3 can even read out your text messages. In addition to natural voice command control you can also use the built in colour touchscreen, with pinch-and-swipe gestures for the most intuitive experience. SYNC 3  allows you to connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and with AppLink you can make some of your favourite smartphone apps accessible too. Hungry? You can request a list of local restaurants by saying “I’m hungry”.

Ford SYNC 3
Ford Edge Adaptive Cruise Control

Your personal driving assistant

Multiple driver assistance technologies all working together to enhance your driving experience ensuring the most enjoyable and comfortable drive. Ford Co-Pilot360. For example, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go will automatically adjust the speed of your cruise control based on the behaviour of the vehicle in front of you. If the vehicle ahead slows, even to a standstill, the system will slow you and eventually automatically stop the engine and restart when the road clears. The system recognises speed signs and will adjust your cruise control accordingly. Another technology working as part of Ford Co-Pilot360 is Lane Centering. Providing steering assistance by following the markings on the road to help ensure you maintain a centralised lane position.

Effortless control

Adaptive Steering delivers responsive steering in all conditions, at all times, including at lower speeds. When manoeuvring in a car park for example, less steering input is required. Whilst at higher speeds on perhaps a dual carriageway, steering is more precise. Then there is of course Sport Mode which reduces the steering input effort required by the driver for bends, making driving on some of the fantastic Devon & Cornwall sweeping and curving roads even more rewarding.

Ford SYNC 3
Ford Edge Changeable Conditions Snow

Confidence in changeable conditions

Updated Intelligent All-Wheel Drive can determine how much responsiveness, grip, and cornering balance is required in changeable conditions including icy, wet or dry and on different types of terrain. When four-wheel drive isn't required the technology only runs in front-wheel-drive, and then switches back to all four-wheels if required delivering an improved efficiency, a better driving experience and exceptional handling.

Spots the vehicles you might miss

Cross Traffic Alert is part of the Blind Spot Information System. When you’re reversing out of a space and have limited visibility of the traffic situation, Cross Traffic Alert can detect oncoming vehicles, sound a warning and even activate braking if you don’t react in time. The technology illuminates a light in the wing mirror too (left or right depending on the direction of oncoming traffic).

Ford Edge Cross Traffic Alert

Headlights that help you see around bends

Adaptive Lighting with Ford Dynamic LED headlights and daytime running lights deliver a precise and intensely bright light pattern that automatically adjusts to suit different road and driving conditions. In addition, glare-free high beam adjusts itself automatically to avoid dazzling other drivers, and the new system can even read the curve of the road to illuminate corners and crossings before you enter them.

Stress-free parking

Active Park Assist can steer you into parallel parking spaces just 20% longer than your vehicle. Simply push a button and the sensors of this innovative system locate a suitable space as you drive past. Then it automatically steers you in, while all you do is operate the accelerator, gears and brake, as directed by the on-screen instructions.

Ford Edge Park Assist
Ford Edge Blindspot

Technology that sees what you can’t see

The Blind Spot Information System uses RADAR sensors to see vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. They’re situated on either side of your Edge and alert you with an orange light, clearly displayed in the side door mirror.

Your favourite music, as it’s meant to be heard

Whatever your taste in music, it deserves to sound as the artist intended. That’s exactly what you can expect in the New Edge. Why? Because it’s available with B&O. This premium level 1,000-watt audio system delivers a rich, powerful sound via a 12-speaker, woofer and subwoofer inclusive set-up. This advanced technology has been specifically designed, developed and fine-tuned for the Edge by B&O´s specialist acousticians. So, turn it up and enjoy your favourite bands and songs in the concert hall that is your car’s cabin.

Ford Bang Olufsen Audio
Ford SYNC Emergency

Ford SYNC Emergency Assistance

In the event of an accident, where the airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump deactivated, Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance can use a Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone to help you make a direct call to the Emergency Services. You can choose to stop the call, or talk to those services if you need to. The system is designed to supply vital information, such as your GPS coordinates, even if you are unable to.

Ford Edge Titanium
New Edge Titanium The New Ford Edge Titanium is a finely crafted, contemporary design. With a refreshed octagonal grille, unique LED running lights and sculpted lines that flow into one another creating an aggressive look with unmistakable road presence. Aesthetically pleasing. Aerodynamically efficient.
Ford Edge ST-Line
New Edge ST-Line The New Ford Edge ST-Line has been redesigned by Ford Performance. The new aggressive-looking muscular front makes a statement. Sculpted lines ensure a contemporary look that stands out. All finished with unique 20” alloy wheels and the distinctive ST-Line mesh grille.
New Edge Vignale The New Ford Edge Vignale delivers striking exterior looks and styling with a strong sense of prestige. The vehicle’s entire design has been crafted around a dominant stance that exudes sophistication and confidence.