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Financing Your Ford Commercial Vehicle

If you need a Commercial Vehicle for your business then Ford Credit has a range of ownership and leasing finance plans to suit your needs.

Take a look at the video to see the range of Commercial Vehicle finance plans. You can find out more information on finance solutions below.

Ford Credit - Which finance is right for you?

Compare Financing Plans for Commercial Vehicles

Take a look at our comparison table for all our Commercial Vehicle financing plans for a quick reference guide of the different features of each plan, or we can help you choose which financing plan might suit your business best.

Ford Lease Calculator

A type of hire purchase (sometimes called Personal Contract Purchase) where your monthly payment is lower when compared to a Ford Acquire agreement of the same length and deposit.
Ford Acquire is our original hire purchase plan for customer interested in commercial vehicle ownership. There is an option to add a balloon to reduce your monthly payments versus Ford Acquire.
Ford Contract Hire* is an alternative to vehicle ownership. Low capital outlay and tax allowable rentals*.
A lease plan where you sell the commercial vehicle at the end of the agreement and any sales proceeds are returned to you.