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If you need a Commercial Vehicle to support the everyday needs of your business, then look no further than Ford Credit. There is a wide range of ownership and leasing finance plans to suit the individual needs of you and your business. These include Commercial Lines of Credit, conversion financing and the option to work with a finance expert.

See the video to for more information about the current range of Commercial Vehicle finance plans available to you or continue to read the content below where we will highlight the flexible financing and leasing options available to you.

Ford Credit - Which finance is right for you?

Ford Options

Ford options is A type of hire purchase plan that includes regular monthly payments. When it comes to the end of the contract there is an Optional Final Payment. This allows you to opt to Return, Retain or Renew the Ford vehicle in question.

Ford Acquire

Ford Acquire is Ford’s original hire purchase plan for individuals that are interested in owning a business vehicle. There is an option to add a balloon payment which reduces your monthly payments.

Ford Contract Hire

Ford Contract Hire is an alternative to plans that result in vehicle ownership. You pay an advance rental, followed by fixed monthly rentals and return the vehicle to Ford Lease at the end of your agreement.

Ford Lease Hire

Ford lease hire is a lease plan where you sell the commercial business vehicle at the end of the agreement. Any sales proceeds are then returned to you. The plan includes paying an advance rental followed by fixed monthly rentals. The ballon payment option is also featured for lease hire plans. At the end of the agreement, you are responsible for selling the commercial vehicle on behalf of Ford Lease.

Compare Financing Plans for Commercial Vehicles

Take a look at our comparison table for all our Commercial Vehicle financing plans for a quick reference guide of the different features of each plan, or we can help you choose which financing plan might suit your business best.

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